In the beginning….

As the caravan had been stood untouched for several years it was looking quite sad inside.

A bit of a mess!

As you can see the curtain rail has parted company with the front window trim due to the damp / water ingress. The ceiling has also suffered with the damp, you can see how it has become ‘saggy’ more noticable on the left side.

When i started to look more closely i could see that the water damage was quite extensive. The gas locker area is damp with signs of wood rot, the left front side wall is also showing signs of damp and also the front left floor is soft and has delamination of the plywood skin.

So, i will need to investigate all of these areas a lot more closely, i can also say that if the water damage / damp is this bad in the front left area i can be sure to find the same damage in the front right corner.