Front Window Frame

I removed the front windows and also the metal trim / strip that the front windows hinge on. I found that the screws were just turning due to the wood behind the front panel being rotten, i also found that there was hardly any mastic between the metal trim / strip and the actual caravan.

Windows and the window rubbers removed

With the windows and the rubbers removed i could then start to look at the front frame. I knew that it was going to be bad as a lot of rotten wood fell out as i was removing the window rubbers.

What wooden frame?

You can see in this picture that the top left of the front window frame is completely missing.

Left front window frame

In this picture you can see the missing window frame, and the delaminated plywood skin that surrounds the fron windows.

Front left window

Here you can see the difference in the wood frame i.e. dark wood is damp or rotten, the ‘golden’ colour is solid wood.

As the rot / damp in this area is extensive i decided that i need to remove the front window shelf along with the bulkhead. The window shelf was ‘swollen’ so a sure sign that it has absorbed water, it is only chipboard so acts like a Weetabix when it gets wet.

Bulkhead removed

Bulkhead removed, this was tricky as it was screwed in place from the outside. I had to remove the body trim strip from both sides of the caravan in order to access the screws. You can see that i have removed some of the wallboard on the left side…. more on this later…

Front left window frame

Here you can see the top left window frame and left sidewall. The left sidewall will need investigating as there is rotten wood here as well.

View of the front windows with all wood removed

All the rotten wood has been removed along with any of the remaining window frame. The orange bucket is full of rotten wood from the front window frame, i also filled two black bags with the stuff!

You can also see that i have removed both front left and right ceiling panels. They were water damaged however it looks to be due to a ‘wicking’ action i.e. they have soaked up water from the leaking front windows. I checked the roof frame and the wood looks good with no signs of damp or water ingress. The metal outer roof trim will be re-sealed with mastic to ensure that no water can get in.