How It All Started..

Its going to be a big job!

It is the 1st week in August 2020 and i have decided to restore my old Elddis Whirlwind XL caravan. It needs a lot of work if i am ever going to be able to use it again.

This site is a log of what i need to do, how i carried out certain tasks and hopefully pictures of the end results. Repairing the caravan is not going to be a quick process, this site will be updated as i carry out work on my caravan so please check back every now and then to see what progress has been made.

The story started 5 years ago, we decided to look at buying a caravan in order that we could have our own accomodation when going away on holiday with our dog. We spent some good times going away in the caravan until circumstances took a turn and the caravan stood idle for the next 4 years!

Over that period water has made its way into the caravan and rot has set into the woodwork. I have looked at other caravan sites on the interweb and having seen what can be done with a damp caravan i decided that i may as well have a go and attempt the required repairs.

I will try to chart the progress the best that i can in order that it may help others in the same boat (or a damp caravan!) as me….


I am not an expert in caravan restoration, i like DIY and woodwork so by combining the two hopefully i can complete the project. I have also looked at other sites (check out the links) where people have tackled caravan damp issues / repairs in order that i have some idea of whats in store. I would like to thank those that have gone before me as it is you who have given me the inspiration to carry out my own restoration / repairs.

I have also listed some useful links to other sites that have been a great help to me, they may also be of use to you too…